Challenging Inactivity

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74% of men and 64% of women in the UK will be overweight by 2030

According to the World
Health Organisation

We can do something about this

We believe that by breaking down barriers to participation and making regular physical activity free, fun and sociable we can make a difference

We believe in creating a healthier and happier planet

Photo by Paul Hammond

We are Making a Real Impact


previously inactive people participated at parkrun in 2015


kilometres run


laps of the planet


increase in participation on 2014

You Can Help Make a Difference

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About parkrun

From humble beginnings in 2004 with 13 runners at Bushy Park in London, parkrun has grown to become the world’s biggest running event with over 1,000 volunteer-led events worldwide and more than two million registered runners. Committed to breaking down barriers to participation in regular physical activity, parkrun hosts 5km timed runs on Saturdays and 2km timed runs on Sundays for juniors.

parkrun operates in 14 countries worldwide, and sees around 150,000+ participants take part in 1,000+ events every week.

By 2023 parkrun will be a truly global community of 22 million members, with 1.1 million weekly runners and 100,000 weekly volunteers across 8,000 global events.

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